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What is a mock audition?

A mock audition is a practice audition or performance of any kind.

Why is it valuable?

Beyond the motivational boost you will experience preparing for your mock audition, you will receive valuable feedback from your coach.

What if I want to play for my coach more than once?

Simply add more sessions to your cart.

I’m interested in a coach that isn’t listed on your website.

No problem! Simply fill out the short Request a Coach form at the bottom of the Coaches page. We will attempt to connect you with whomever you are interested in.

How much does it cost?

Each coach sets their own rates, but most coaches fall in the $20-50 range per session.

How do I pay?

All transactions are processed through Paypal.

What exactly is included with the purchase?

Once you purchase a coaching session, you’ll gain access to an online portal where you can record and post your video. Your video can last up to 10 minutes. Once your coach watches your video they will post a response – usually within a few days.

Can I use my phone to record and submit my mock audition?

Yes, our platform is web based so you can record and submit your mock audition with any browser on any device.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi when I record?

No. If you are recording with your phone, you can pre-record a video and use the video uploader tool when viewing the record page on your smartphone.


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